US 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization
To educate people and help unwanted parrots find forever homes :) We put parrots first to promote human education, give care, medical treatment and forever homes to parrots in need. T & A Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary is an organization whose sole concern is parrot welfare in captivity and conservation of wild parrots. We are an outreach and placement program which places into safe custody, parrots which are abandoned, abused, or in need of a home for any reason. Parrots are intelligent, highly social and complex beings with a life span of up to 90 years. The individual bird’s best interest and well being of the present flock will determine if a parrot is accepted into the rescue part of our organization and will be rehabilitated for adoption. If a parrot does not fit into the rescue categories and deemed not able for adoption then will be housed under sanctuary status to be provided a forever home with our staff. We actively support networking with other parrot welfare groups, animal welfare organizations, the veterinary community, conservation organizations and the general public. Education is of the utmost importance concerning the well being of a parrot and its ability to successfully live with its human companions.
THE DETAILS See exactly how we accomplish our goals. �Step 1: Careful Planning�Fiscal responsibility through: ◦ Fundraisers ◦ Educational classes ◦ Active Facebook pages with donate button ◦ Ongoing activities and campaigns �Step 2: The Parrots�Finding the right home for our parrots by: ◦ Visit us to meet the birds and see who clicks with you. Birds like to choose their owners and become very bonded a connection is a must. ◦ Complete an adoption application with vet reference. ◦ Have a home visit done to make sure it is a safe environment. ◦ Share 3 one hour visits with the bird you want to adopt to build a connection. ◦ Take your new found friend home! �Step 3: Follow Through�It doesn’t end with each adoption: ◦ Return visits for hands on checkup with us. ◦ Return visits for grooming or care needs. ◦ Join FB T & A Parronts group for all families of our adopted out parrots. ◦ Follow-up calls to ensure a smooth transition and continued well being. ◦ Guaranteed return of bird so it always has a safe place to land should owner become unable to keep the parrot. Parrot needs to be surrendered back to the rescue.

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