Why Choose us as your Parrot Breeder?

Why Choose us as your Parrot Breeder?

1.  Our Parrots are Hand Raised by us from the egg.  Why does that matter?  The Babies learn to solely rely on humans and trust humans and they see humans as their "parents" and this makes them able to put their confidence into humans.

2.  Our Parrots are exposed to children of all ages and sizes along with adults.  Why is that important?  Our parrots will fear less when they see a "small human" or maybe a "big human" and be comfortable around humans of all sizes and less stressed.

3.  Before your Parrot Goes home, we expose them to many different toys, sounds and sights.  Why does that matter?  Before going to their new homes, the new things they will see or hear wont be as scary for them as they hopefully have experienced it already.

4.We Let Our Parrots get the "Cage Experience" 2 or 3 weeks before going home.  Why is this important?   Most Breeders keep their babies in plastic box with shavings or newspaper on the bottom.  When this happens the birds do not learn to perch properly before going to their new home and do well with their cages until they lean how.  With the stress of going to their new homes they shouldn't have to learn something as important as how to perch in a cage.

5.  We have few Breeder Pairs and choose Quality over Quantity.  We have less baby birds and we are able to spend more times with each one to hand tame them with lots of care.  We care about how we raise our babies and want them to be outstanding parrots for our customers.  There are many breeders who just pump out the babies quick for profit.  NOT US!  If we don't have quality, we have nothing.

6.  We never feed our babies seeds!  All of our babies are raised on Chop, ZuPreem pellets and other fresh fruit, veggies along with millet sprays.  Seeds are more of a desert to parrots and they should never be raised as babies to eat that junk.  Once a a while treat is ok.

7.  Our babies go home with you with STUFF!  When you purchase a baby from us, we send it home with a week supply of Chop and Pellets.  This will give you time purchase the pellets and make some chop (Hopefully you will purchase both from us!).  Also, we send them home with two of their favorite toys.  We have many toys that hang in their cages so they have plenty of opportunity to experience them all.  We pick the two favorites to go home with to make the transition smoother and they have something familiar they love!

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