Cotton Rope Safety

Cotton Rope Safety

                      There are so many do's and don't with parrots when it comes to their safety and well being.  Cotton rope is has an ongoing debate in this issue.  There are two major issues with cotton and parrots.  One being that if ingested by the bird, cotton does not leave the crop (and area where the food is held in the parrots body in the front of their chest) to digest.  When this happens, it doesn't allow foods to pass through for digestion and the parrot ultimately starves to death.  NOT TO SAY ALL PARROTS EAT COTTON FIBERS.  Some parrot do, some don't intake the cotton fibers.  I have an 11 year old conure that can safely be around cotton rope as to she doesn't eat.  BUT I have a 2 year old Quaker that CAN NOT have it as he will eat it.  If caught early, a vet can empty the crop if the cotton fibers and save your bird.  This, however is a very expensive procedure and with all parrots, is risky.

                        The other issue with cotton parrot products as it tends to wear out and get "stringy".  when this happens the parrot is at risk to be strangled or hung which can happen to any parrot at any time.  I addition their toes maybe get stuck or wrapped around and sometimes amputation is needed.  These are not the only things that can happen, these are just the most common. This is why it is very important to check your parrots toys and apparatus daily to insure the integrity of all the items that they routinely play and live with in the cages and play areas.

                               We do still sell cotton rope and other cotton items but caution as to watching your parrot and inspecting their toys.  Just like with all and any parrot toys, "THERE IS NO 100% SAFE PARROT TOY"


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